PFMW Application 2020

June 22-30, 2020 • Tuition:  $2400

Registration deadline: May 30, 2020.

Instructions regarding payment at bottom of application.

Please fill out the application below. We will contact after review to officially let you know if you are accepted.

Name *
Do you have a portfolio or website you would like to share with us?
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Objectives & Areas of Interest
Music Education and Training
If you have been or are presently in school: name of school, area of study, degree or academic level. If no formal schooling: tell us about your background and your current activities.
Professional and Vocational Experience
In addition to any film scoring, please share with us any experience in any related fields, or any collaborative music endeavors.
Audio and Computer Skills
Which OS do you use?
What audio/DAW software do you use? *
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Can you "sync" video along with your sequencer/DAW? *
Can you "export, capture, or bounce to disc" the video with dialogue and your music? *
If you play an instrument, will you bring your instrument(s) to the workshop?
Music Reading and Notation Skills:
At what level would you rate your notation skills? *
Which notation software do you use? *
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Do you consider your skills sufficient to write a lead sheet or a melodic line with accompaniment?
Can you write an arrangement or orchestration for multiple instruments?
Music Demos
The style doesn't matter, nor does it to have to sound like film music. Please keep the duration for each file around two minutes. Delivery Options: – Specific link to your prepared samples such as a SoundCloud "playlist" or other web portal. – Email your samples, or a DropBox or similar cloud hosting entity invitation, to: with the subject "PFMW Music Samples - by Your Name".


Early applications may be submitted for consideration starting October 1st, 2019. Accepted applicants will be asked to make a tuition down payment of $250 to secure their place. The remainder may be submitted at any time after that but full tuition must be received by or before May 1st, 2020.

Please make checks payable to "Palomar Workshops". The address to send your downpayment will be provided in your acceptance letter.
Any and all questions email to

Upon acceptance of application a $250 deposit is required right away in order to hold your place at the workshop.

The refund policy is as follows:
- Requests received two weeks before the start date = 100%.
- Requests received one week before the start date = 75%.
- Requests received four days before the start date = 50%.
Thereafter, no refund can be issued.

When you have completed the above application, please click the "Submit" button. 

We thank you for taking the time to provide us with this information, which will be kept confidential and not shared with any parties outside the workshop. With this information we will be able to better tailor the workshop to meet your needs.