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Pricing and Requirements



Tutition > $2400

Tuition for the 2019 summer film scoring program is $2400 and includes the final recording and mix session with top Hollywood scoring mixer Jason Larocca.



Lodging & Meals > $707 (estimated)

Lodging and meal plans will be booked directly with the Lazy H, Palomar Workshops does not handle the business transactions with the Lazy H. The meals plan has been devised to supply all needed meals during the workshop.  Options and pricing are listed below.  There are a limited number of rooms, so when you are confirmed as a workshop participant please check with the Lazy H as early as you can.

The Lazy H Ph: 760-742-3669 (pacific time zone)





The Lazy H RaNch

The workshops are held at the picturesque Lazy H Ranch, nestled at the foot of Palomar Mountain in rural San Diego County, California. The Lazy H conference room will be our classroom, and meals will be shared together at the on-site restaurant. We'll congregate by the pool, grassy shaded lawns, and patio for additional presentations and discussions.



Lodging & Meals

There are 5 standard rooms, 3 upgraded rooms, and one two-person cottage. Standard rooms are given to the first 5 applicants that send in their deposits, then the upgraded rooms. Anyone interested in saving money by having a roommate can do so just by asking to have a roommate. Roommates are introduced to each other based upon similarities in their applications so they can initially communicate accordingly. We do the best we can to match you with someone appropriate, if desired. The Lazy H can offer a basic vegetarian meal such as rice, steamed vegetables, pasta and the like. The Lazy H is not prepared for strict vegan or gluten free choices. We can provide a special local shopping trip so you can purchase a variety of needed goods at local stores.

Rooms (Tax included)

  • The standard rooms $65.29 per night (workshop total = $457).

  • The upgraded rooms $90.00 per night (workshop total = $630).

  • The Cottage $107.14 per night, can hold two people if desired (workshop total = $750).

  • Extra cot if needed for any room, $20 for the week (2 cots available).

Meals (Tax and Gratuity included)

The Lazy H will offer a special menu for the workshop that includes:

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

  • Tuesday through Monday = 18 total meals = $275.

  • Desserts and special libations are extra and billed separately.

An example workshop total of a standard room and meal package: Standard room $457 + Meal package  $250 = $707




Computer & Gear

Students are expected to bring and work from their own laptop or mobile workstation. If you have any questions about the suitability of your system please contact us before your arrival. Laptops are expected to have the following: MIDI sequencing software (DAW), notation software, a MIDI keyboard controller, and quality headphones or speakers. 



Sounds LibRaries

Students should have sufficient sound libraries in their workstation to illustrate their ideas. For the final recording session, some additional libraries (particular sounds that you may not have) can be made available to you by our staff.  Microphones and audio interfaces will be on hand for those desiring to record special live instrumental tracks or sound design elements prior to the final recording date.



Notation Software

It is expected that the participant has, and and is proficient at, a digital notation software such as Sibelius or Finale. You will be provided with templates of the ensemble for the recording session and you will work with our faculty to create industry standard scores and parts. You’ll even learn how to properly tape and assemble your scores and parts. If you rely on notation built into your DAW or use another program like MuseScore, don’t worry, we can accommodate that too.

PFMW faculty and staff will be available to guide you through every step of the scoring process. Collaboration is an integral part of the profession and a principal part of the PFMW philosophy. Participants are encouraged to assist their fellow composers with technical issues that may arise.
— Larry Groupé • PFMW Founder, Director